What do we do?

Parking is a creative studio focused on the creation of brand identities with a small twist. We live in social media. We have a big focus on 3D and ar exploration and combining it with top noch visuals to create an amazing brand experience.

Our Services

3D                                Branding                   AR filters      Digital Design       Art Direction

What is all about?

We know how hard it is sometimes to find the right spot to park. You know, the one sweet spot under a tree, close to the entrance building.🌳

Well, it all started there, finding the spot to park going to a client. Even though I was 1 hour early, just to make sure I'm on time, I needed a lot more than that to find *S0mEtHing*. 🅿️

And the client said in my response of being late, see that's how we feel; finding one sweet spot on social media nowadays is almost impossible, you come too late and you might not get a chance.

Chances are small but never zero (Insert meme if - nobody's laughing), so we started the presentation, ignoring the bad vibes. 

We got the client and from that day on we decided to be 2 h early, just in case. Is the same value that we cherish in our work; finding that sweeeeeeeet spot is what we do.